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    PureSolar, Inc.

  • About PureSolar

    Our mission is to turn building surfaces into distributed power plants, empowering energy independence, cost savings, and freedom from the uncertainties of long-term energy costs. PureSolar is positioned at the confluence of rising population, rising energy demand, rising energy prices, and the increasingly affordable cost of solar.

    Quality Control

    Today's ultra-thin solar cells require precise and gentle handling, from their time of manufacture until the end of their lifespan in the field. PureSolar uses electro-luminescence, automated vision systems, infra-red soldering, and our factory and products are voluntarily certified to IEC 61215 & IEC 61730 standards.


    Growing demand and the need to drive down the costs per watt requires that our automation process delivers high yields, high volume, quick change in capacity, flexibility to adapt to part variations, and consistent product inspection throughout the process.

    Solar Design & EPC

    PureSolar's design team is available for your project needs, big or small. Our talented designers can assist you from conception to construction. PureSolar also provides EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services for commercial and industrial level photovoltaic installs.

  • Leadership Team

    PureSolar is rapidly transitioning from a start-up company to a growth phase global enterprise. We have a state-of-the-art, automated production line in Tumwater, WA, manufacturing high performance, next generation smart photovoltaic modules and surfaces.

    Rich Phillips

    President, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

    In Rich's 22 years of executive-level experience, he has established three startups, run six companies, and maintained several other leadership positions & projects. He's currently on the Board of Directors of Solar Washington where he is the Chair of the Advocacy Committee, which is responsible for advising on renewable energy legislation. A frequent visitor to the State Capitol, Rich has testified numerous times for a strong renewable energy sector in Washington State.

    Phillips has made a reputation for building and maintaining quality relationships and companies, with an increased focus on sustainability and stewardship.

    In his free time, he likes to work.

    Dean Van Vleet

    Director of Engineering

    Dean has worked in the renewable energy industry for over 20 years. In 1997 he joined Trace Engineering (later purchased by Xantrex Technology) working primarily with early grid-tie inverter products. In 2007 he joined OutBack Power as they created a spin off PV module division known as Silicon Energy. While also working with Silicon Energy, he worked as an Application Engineer for OutBack. In 2011, he was one of the founding members to bring Itek’s PV module to full scale production in Washington State. Van Vleet has used PV and battery backed up inverters at home for over 15 years and recently upgraded his system with a 5kW PV array. Dean has an Industrial Electronics degree from Renton Technical College and has been a SolarWA member for over 13 years, actively promoting the expansion of solar energy in Washington State.

    Katherine "Kat" Hansen

    Chief Operations Officer

    Kat joined PureSolar in 2014 bringing a diverse background of experience with her. A native of Wenatchee, Washington, Kat received her degree in Chemistry from Wellesley College while simultaneously earning a degree in Chemical Engineering from M.I.T. She then attended medical school at the University of Washington, and completed an internal medicine residency at Washington University in St. Louis before returning to the Pacific Northwest. Her longstanding interest in renewable energy technology and a deep commitment to environmental sustainability ultimately brought her to PureSolar. She became Director of Operations in 2015, where she coordinated end-phase R&D and certification testing and was instrumental in bringing PureSolar's double glass PV to market. In 2017, Hansen took on the responsibilities of Chief Operations Officer.

  • PureSolar Smart Modules

    Designed and manufactured for peak performance in any environment; PureSolar Smart Modules, combined with Tigo's TS4 universal platform, provide a combination of high power, superior quality, and cutting edge electronics.

    More Reliable & Robust

    PureSolar modules implement proven materials: thin anti-reflective front glass, high efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells, 4 busbar cell connections, long-life zero-PID encapsulant, durable glass backing, smart electronics, high quality cables and locking connectors, providing greater lifetime power production.

    Lower Design & Install Costs

    Smart modules allow for easier system design and less restriction on layout. More powerful modules result in fewer panels to install, fewer system attachments and racking materials, reduced labor costs, and decreased installation time. These innovations decrease costs and expedite payback.


    Maximum Power Output

    Built-in optimization electronics maximize power in any lighting condition, minimizing losses from shading and soiling. Module mismatch is eliminated, giving energy harvest gains of 5-15%. Systems can be installed more tightly and with uneven string lengths, resulting in greater ROI compared to other similarly size modules.



    Fully integrated design can be used with nearly every inverter and doesn't require any extra mounting hardware or time spent installing aftermarket optimizers to the back of each module.

    Module Level Monitoring

    Monitoring software manages utility, commercial, and residential PV arrays, giving system owners unprecedented visibility into module performance. System analytics track production, send alerts and proactively suggest maintenance actions to keep systems operating at maximum efficiency and uptime. For increased safety, the monitoring portal can remotely power-off each module individually, eliminating high voltage for maintenance or safety purposes.



    NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant.

    Our smart modules automatically disconnect power at the sealed module junction box when necessary, providing the safest installation and maintenance available. In case of fire, arc, or accident, first responders are fully protected with no voltage or current flowing in the system when the safety feature is engaged.

  • Tigo TS4 Advantage

    Tigo's unique TS4 platform enables a choice of plug-and-play functionality to PureSolar modules. The TS4 platform enables different TS4 covers each with unique capabilities, and the functionality of the TS4 covers is incremental. For example: TS4-S includes the functionalities available with TS4-M and TS4-D, TS4-O includes the functionalities available with TS4-S, -M. and -D, etc.



    The TS4-D is the building block of the TS4 family and Tigo's smart solution. With diodes embedded in the cover of the junction box, this basic system enables OEMs to standardize on the TS4 baseplate for both conventional and smart modules.


    • Similar to a standard junction box
    • Standardization on basic TS4 baseplate
    • Applicable to conventional and smart modules
    • Field replaceable and upgradeable
    • Heat dissipation away from the module


    Predicting and conducting maintenance on solar installations is critical to ensuring that they last beyond their expected 25 year life. With a window into a system's performance, through module-level monitoring, solar fleets can maximize system up-time and identify performance issues before they become serious problems.

    • Reduced O&M costs
    • PV-2.0 data synchronization
    • Module bar code tracking
    • Fleet management
    • CRM integration
    • Warranty tracking
    • Team management


    For installations unencumbered by shading, the TS4-S provides the necessary safety and monitoring services to ensure your systems meet local fire regulations, while also providing you and your customers increased insight into system performance.

    • NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliant
    • Module-level deactivation
    • Automatic or manual shutdown
    • Over-temperature protection
    • Plus all the benefits of Monitoring


    The TS4-O bundles the Tigo smart module features into one seamless unit for enhanced energy yield and increased design flexibility. TS4-O is ideal for roofs which are challenged by shading, but do not need longer strings. In addition to safety, monitoring, and PV 2.0 synchronization, TS4-O optimizes each module when shade drops their performance. With optimized modules, more roof space can be used to maximize energy production.



    • Shade and age tolerance
    • Enhanced energy yield
    • Greater design flexibility
    • Maximized roof usage
    • Plus all the benefits of Safety and Monitoring

    Longer Strings

    The TS4-L is the complete smart module solution. It is ideal for systems requiring fully optimized performance at the module level, as well as monitoring, safety, and longer strings. Fewer BOS components allow for faster installation and reduced SKU management.



    • String length increased by up to 30%
    • Fewer BOS components
    • Faster installation
    • Inverter optimization
    • Lower wire-losses
    • Plus all the benefits of Optimization, Safety and Monitoring
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